Fort Harrison 
Daniel Harrison House, circa 1749

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What's Happening at Fort Harrison
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         " The Summer of the Lost Limb"
You are invited to learn about little Mary Rohrer, just five years old,who lost a leg in a farm accident at her family's farm along Dry River. Mary's life was saved that day over 100 years ago, and she learned to adapt to her new artificial leg. Come find out about Mary's story!
Friday, May 17, 2019
    9 am to 3 pm
After her accident, Mary's father took her to a special place in Washington, D.C.    The Hanger Company was founded by James Hanger of Churchville, Virginia.  After becoming one of the very first amputees of the Civil War, Mr. Hanger made it his mission to design and built artificial limbs with articulated joints. 

Mary was fitted for her artificial leg soon after her injury and was soon able to walk to school across the swinging bridge near the Rohrer's farm. She lived a long and productive life in the Dayton community.

                                 Mary Rohrer Day
            Remembering "The Summer of the Lost Limb"                             May 17th   9am to 3pm
                               ( see details below)

                         Fort Harrison Spring Teas
                               June 7th and 8th 1pm
                                 (see menu below)

                                Colonial Trades Fair
​                       June 22nd, 10am to 4pm
​              (see details and last year's photos below)
Fort Harrison Spring Teas
​        June 7th and 8th   1pm
              $20.00 per person

     Summer Berry Chilled Soup
            Lemon Tea Bread
Swiss Spinach and Ham Quiche
            Fresh Fruit Salad
        Raspberry Brownie Cake


To reserve tickets, contact Pat at
            JUNE 22, 2019         10am til 4pm

    Come learn about trades of the past from our talented tradespeople! Dance with the Shenandoah Colonial Dance group. Learn how a flintlock musket is fired.  Hand crafted goods for sale. Food available. Free to all who seek to learn about colonial history.
New trades this year include: 

Floor Cloth Maker
18th Century Watercolor Artist
Tape Loom Maker and Weaver
Flax Processing.